Cultural change does not happen through a series of interventions.

It happens when there is a process and plan that can be measured and iterated on—like any other aspect of the business.

Everyone wants to work on teams that are supportive of each other, achieve great things, have fun, are reliable, and aren’t political.

I work with businesses who are deeply committed to creating this kind of exceptional culture for their company.

Joe Hudson is an innovator and a sage. He has reimagined business as a...journey focused on personal accountability, transparency, and heart-centered leadership. It’s a formidable combination that cultivates clarity and alignment within the organization and leads to remarkable growth!
— LARA BAKOSH | Co-Founder of Inner Explorer

I work with companies that understand:

  • There are no ideas so good that bad teams can’t mess them up

  • Great culture solves most business problems

  • Investments made wisely into culture have an outstanding ROI

  • Measuring cultural attitudes will predict future performance


Business consulting with me is not for the faint of heart. It is difficult work. It has been described it as “the navy seals training of organizational teamwork”.