If you’re coming to this website with the intention of being better, you’re already limiting your growth. Deeper transformation occurs when the intention is to be authentic. Being authentic as a leader, despite the consequences, saves a huge amount of personal bandwidth. Your need to strategize and manage decreases, and your effectiveness and enjoyment increases.

Authenticity is important because it gives us real data about ourselves. Once we get the data, a natural discovery process happens. The epiphanies from that process change us, and this transformation leads us to our truth. Within the truth lies our undeniable wants and principles. Much to our surprise, we discover that we are inherently good. 

The thing keeping you from realizing your inherent goodness is your shame. The shame you feel doesn’t come from the truth of who you are. It comes from the ways you try to prove and defend yourself. When these two habits disappear, your ability to lead will skyrocket because high-caliber people want to follow what is authentic and good. Decision-making becomes more efficient because you are operating on principles. Your life fills with joy because you have access to your inherent goodness.

Everyone I work with comes via recommendation and should be ready to lead from a place of joy and acceptance. The first step is a coaching session where people are either scared by the intensity or excited by new possibilities. This coaching session also determines if it is a match for us to work together.