About Joe

Joe has worked with hundreds of executives and their teams doing one-on-one coaching, private classes, and company off-sites. Prior to coaching, Joe worked as a venture capitalist, philanthropist, consultant, international banker, and teacher. His work springs from a 23-year meditation practice as well as his study of dozens of modalities from other spiritual, psychological and neurological traditions. He has developed his unique approach to personal transformation for the last decade and has taught it to thousands of people around the world.


My only offering is a year of holistic support for a select group of talented leaders. I do this because my clients perform better and experience more joy when they have alignment in every part of their lives. The year of work with me includes one-on-one coaching, intensives with a small group of inspiring peers, an off-site with significant others, and working with the teams run by my clients. The result is more personal clarity and joy, more cohesive teams, a strong community of peers, and stronger personal relationships.


I curate a small group of leaders who have started iconic organizations, created revolutionary technologies, and sit on the boards of Fortune 500 companies. Although resumes are important, the group is handpicked based on a talent for leadership, an ability to bring their heart to the group, and a commitment to being transparent about their inner world. Together we create a culture of undeniable cohesion and support. We do this the way many great cultures are formed. We act according to our principles, seek to deeply understand ourselves and overcome our challenges together.