Rapid transformation for executives who want to do the work.

Everyone I work with comes via recommendation and shows a dedication to doing self-exploration. I rarely give advice. Instead, I trust my client’s wisdom and pose questions that create deep reflection. It is their choice that drives the process. My genius is helping my clients see and uproot complex behavior patterns that have caused them pain and inefficiencies for decades. Because my clients want to do the work and are able to be courageous and vulnerable, the work we do has incredible results in a very short period of time.

Understand Yourself

My primary approach to increasing executive performance is asking the question, “How do you become more of yourself?” I don’t ask “How do you become better?” That question assumes that you should become better, and you aren’t good enough already. Infants don’t need to ask, “How do I become better at walking?” They learn to walk, far more efficiently, just by being themselves. 

Face yourself without flinching

The second aspect of my approach is to help my clients face all the difficult parts of their life. When you ignore your inner tensions and fears, you work against yourself. Like effective operators looking to eliminate unneeded friction in a business, my clients are encouraged to look at their inner tension without flinching. Facing the tension exposes the beliefs that limit them and creates alignment. This alignment results in clarity and better decision-making. 

Live without shame

The third aspect of my work is to help my clients see through the shame that is holding them back. When we look deeply at our shame, we find it creates behaviors and thoughts that take our energy. Shame causes us to prove and defend ourselves in ways that turn people off. It causes our thoughts to spin, which limits our ability to take effective action. As my clients feel less shame, they become more joyful and inspired. As they lead from this mindset, their capacity skyrockets.