If a person leaves one of my events and doesn’t have both a firm grasp of the tools and a better understanding of themselves - then I have failed.

To prevent this, I make sure participants use these new tools and insights to solve problems they are facing today. When they leave, their life and business have changed, some major problems are solved, and they know how to do it for themselves in the future.

I can’t recommend Joe highly enough. Joe brings a deep sense of the transcendent that is embodied and deeply loving, while simultaneously uncompromising. This stand combined with his skills in working with others enables him to help individuals and teams quickly and deeply makes shifts that are liberating and lasting...
— GEOFF FITCH | Founding Partner at Pacific Integral




I have created experiences for different groups, from small boards to entire companies. Pulling from a wide array of tools, I customize experiences to meet a variety of outcomes. I have designed retreats that have made dysfunctional executive teams functional and events that have made conference goers increase their depth of interactions. I am able to do this because whether working with a high-performance engineering team or a non-profit leadership team - the desired outcomes always revolve around better communication, relationships, personal perspectives, and self awareness.

My method is highly interactive and practical. Participants have engaging experiences rather than just intellectual understanding of topics. Because of this, and because lasting transformation often demands it, my workshops are often intense and challenging.

Being free from all these obligations and things that I had to do to prove my worth and competence, there is a new view of life...I just feel this incredible excitement. Going back to my business (now that it’s not this heavy weight) I can play. I can have fun with the people in my team and use the work as an excuse to grow, laugh, learn, and to support each other…which really is all I care about in the first place!
— TIAGO FORTE | Founder at FORTE Labs